SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER  (408) 218-8220  San Jose, Ca


Senior Software Engineer working in Embedded and/or Real-Time Systems and/or environments, primarily Medical Devices, with experience in all layers of software and specializing in Software System Design, System Control and Application and User Interface software.


Also experienced in Technical Project Leadership, with an emphasis on Software Process, Software Engineering Principles and Practices, and Risk Management. Extensive Experience in Regulated Medical Device Processes.



  • As Software Engineer experienced in the design, implementation and maintenance of small to large-scale software systems.
  • As an expert in Software Process successfully established documented Software Process including plans, process documents, CMS, Defect Tracking, Source Control, and other essential elements for various startup companies, primarily in regulated medical device environments.
  • As Software System Architect demonstrated ability to translate a Business Strategy and Business Requirements in to an Architectural Strategy and Requirements leading to a Software Platform Architecture.
  • As Customer Advocate demonstrated ability to work with both Internal and External Customers to understand the needs of the users and translate those needs into software so as to help ensure the Business Success of the product.
  • As Software Engineer experienced in Technical and Project Leadership, Software Process, and Risk Mitigation.
  • As System Architect experienced in developing optimum solutions for hardware and software.
  • Inspired vision, passion, and a willingness to take decisive action in the face of uncertainty.
  • Capable of quickly assimilating new projects and performing quality work within time constraints.
  • A high tolerance for ambiguity, skill working consistently at an abstract level and the ability to apply discipline and process to solve complex problems.




SOFTWARE:         Embedded System Application, Control. Linux, Windows Application Software. Relational Database. System Control. User Interface. Custom Controls.



LANGUAGES:       Assembly, C/C++/C#, .Net, ASP.Net, PHP, SQL.


DATABASES:        SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Rapid Application Development Languages.


WEB:                    ASP.Net, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL.


TOOLS:                 Microsoft Visual Studio, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Tools, MySQL Workbench, ClearCase, SubVersion, GitHub, Cruise Control.


PLATFORMS:       Microsoft Windows 32/64/NT/2000/XP/Win7/Win10, Linux, Sun, Solaris.

                             Embedded: Windows Embedded, Nucleus, LynxOS, And Proprietary Kernels. Motorola 680x0. Intel 80x86, Intel Xeon, NUCs, SBCs, ARMs.





Gener8, Inc, Sunnyvale, Ca                                                                                                         2017 – Present

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)

§  Responsible for Complete Lifecycle Development from Requirements Analysis, Requirements Definition, Architecture and Design, Implementation and Verification of an embedded medical system to aid in the prediction of advanced Prostate Cancer including all levels of software from Hardware Interfacing, System Control, and Business Logic to User Interface using C# on a Windows Platform. Designed custom user interface and workflow software for intuitive workflow and use in a laboratory setting.

§  Initiated with Requirements Analysis and Specification, Software Architecture and Design, Implementation and Verification of a device used to manufacture lenses for laproscopic surgical devices used in orthopaedic and neuro products.

§  Designed and Implemented customer-facing application and control software for a revolutionary device used in the diagnosis and management of bloodstream infections. Worked closely with sales and marketing personal to design a highly intuitive user interface and workflow.

§  Responsible for the user interface design, application and system-level control of software on a device used to test blood for colon cancer screening and prevention. System level control includes controlling motors, valves, pumps, bar code readers and other devices used in the system.

§  Architected, Designed and Developed software for a microbial isolation and cultivation system. Worked with clinical and marketing personal to design and implement a highly intuitive user interface and workflow. Development included image analysis, system control, sequence operation and other management functions of the system.


Stadium Goods, New York, NY                                                                                                       2017 – 2018

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)

§  Successfully Reverse-Engineered existing Web Services and then Designed and Implemented new Web Services for Reimplementation to reduce processing errors and improve reliability, along with providing an extensible architecture for future requirements and services.


Progyny, Inc, Menlo Park, Ca and New York, NY                                                                              2014 – 2017

Principal Engineer

§  Responsible for Technical and Project Leadership of software development on a medical imaging device. Responsibilities include software architecture and design, systems engineering collaboration, project leadership and management, regulatory compliance of software systems, quality control and cross-functional representative for software organization.

§  Successfully brought a next generation system, integrated with other third-party hardware, from concept and requirements, to architecture and design, implementation, verification, validation and product delivery to market.

§  Re-architected legacy system for next generation medical imaging platform to be more scalable, modular, loosely-coupled and easily extensible.

§  Developed software at all levels from hardware interface to user interface in C# and C++ on Windows platform.


iSense Medical Corporation, Mountain View, Ca                                                                             2016 – 2016

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)

§  Designed and developed software for analyzing sensor spot arrays to detect and identify molecular signatures in air and liquid including imaging and applications using C#, Matlab libraries and .Net on the Microsoft Windows platform.


Auxogyn, Inc, Menlo Park, Ca                                                                                                         2012 – 2014

Lead Software Engineer and Chief Software Architect (Contract, Permanent)

§  Designed and developed embedded software for a medical imaging device including hardware control, imaging and applications using C++ and Qt on the Microsoft Windows platform.

§  Designed and developed offline database and web UI solutions for post processing and product/manufacturing support.

§  Provided Technical and Project Leadership for multiple engineering development projects.

§  Provided System Architecture support for Software Engineering.

§  Led Process Improvement projects to streamline engineering processes and improve efficiency and regulatory compliance.

§  Performed as software team lead for task breakdown, task assignment, quality control and testing for several software releases.


OptiScan Biomedical Corporation, Hayward, Ca                                                                            2010 – 2013

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)

§  Designed and developed Event Information and Data Exporting mechanism for a state-of-the-art medical device. Task included defining and writing Software Requirements and Design documents as well as software implementation, integration and testing. Components included an information exporter embedded in to the medical device, a (network) server for collecting the data and information and storing in to a SQL database, an ASP.Net-based engineering viewer for the data and a Win32-based application for clinical use and analysis of the collected data and information.

§  Designed and developed software for a continuous blood glucose monitoring system including system control, application business logic, user interface, internationalization, networking, logging and database integration.

§  Developed hardware test control and sequencing software for manufacturing line processes and verification.


Gynesonics, Inc, Redwood City, Ca                                                                                                 2010 – 2012

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)

  • Designed and developed embedded system software for a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive therapeutic medical device, aimed at improving women's health. Tasks included software system design and implementation, integration to imaging subsystems, configuration management, build and release, testing and verification. Included software development at all levels of system control, business logic, application and user interface in C++, C# and .Net environments running on Windows XP.


Hansen Medical, Mountain View, Ca                                                                                                2010 – 2010

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)

§  Designed and Developed a software interface module to integrate multiple large–scale third-party medical systems to Hansen Medical devices using C++ and C# in a Windows XP network environment and utilizing proprietary communications modules.


VytronUS, Inc, Sunnyvale, Ca                                                                                                         2009 – 2010

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)

§  Defined and Developed Software Process for the development of a state-of-the-art medical device. Task included defining and writing Software Operating Procedure documents such as a Software Development, Software Testing, Configuration Management, etc., as well as defining and writing a Software Development Plan (SDP). Defined Software Specification Process Document Templates for Software Architecture, Software Requirements, Software Design, Software Test, etc.

§  Designed and Developed application and control software to support the manufacturing process for a medical ultrasound system. Software system consisted of an intuitive user interface, application and control software for configuring, programming and controlling industry-standard Modbus devices. During program execution software also logged output and graphed results in real-time.


Fluid Medical, Inc, Mountain View, Ca                                                                                             2008 – 2009

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)

§  Defined and Developed Software Process for the development of a state-of-the-art medical device. Task included defining and writing Software Operating Procedure documents such as a Software Development, Software Testing, Configuration Management, etc., as well as defining and writing a Software Development Plan (SDP). Defined Software Specification Process Document Templates for Software Architecture, Software Requirements, Software Design, Software Test, etc.

§  Selected and Deployed Configuration Management System (SubVersion) for existing and new codebases and process documents. Implemented hook scripts for selected events and authored User Guide for basic and advanced operations and defined a Branching Strategy.

§  Redesigned and re-implemented monitoring and control software for handling embedded devices such as fans, power supplies and other devices. Converted source code from unmanaged C++ to C# and managed C++. Re-factored in to layers and components for reuse including use by unmanaged clients. Also hid transport layer details and mechanisms and improved performance using .Net Windows Communication Foundation.

  • Re-architected prototype software system for an ultrasound device based on PureMVC Model-View-Controller framework and employing .Net where beneficial to the system. Included separation of GUI and graphics views, breaking the software system in to layers of responsibilities and employing multiple views and controllers.


Siemens Medical Solutions, Ultrasound Group, Mountain View, Ca                                               2000 – 2008

Senior Software Engineer

§  Architected and Designed Software for a next generation Cardiac 4D Ultrasound System. Specific areas of responsibility included overall Software System Design, User Interface, Measurements and Calculations, Reporting, Graphics, Workflow Protocol and Clinical Application Packages.

§  Principal designer/contributor to the redesign of a data driven serialized dependency mechanism, to one capable of handling circular dependencies, thereby reducing code size and complexity, simplifying maintenance requirements, thereby resulting in a large reduction in the defect injection rate during on-going application feature development. 

§  As project leader and system architect, ported a large (over 1 million lines of code) established codebase to a different (hardware) platform, demonstrating the feasibility, and rewards, of employing large-scale code reuse to greatly reduce resource requirements, maintain cross-platform consistency, and reduce time-to-market requirements while, supporting multiple platforms.


Acuson Corporation, Mountain View, Ca                                                                                         1995 – 2000

Senior Software Engineer

  • Designed and implemented a subsystem control (hardware) abstraction layer in a large-scale object oriented data-driven system to allow for plug-and-play architecture of the application, and resulting in large-scale code re-use for newly developed hardware platforms.
  • Designed and implemented a complete error handling and recovery system for a medical ultrasound machine, including watchdog timers, exception handling, and system shutdown mechanisms (for patient safety), capable of saving system state information such as stack traces and core files. Also developed a logging mechanism to archive such information for remote retrieval and post-mortem analysis.
  • Led an inter-disciplinary team of software engineers and product development marketing personnel to address, and resolve, performance and other user interface issues, resulting in greater user acceptance and market penetration.
  • Assisted in the development of a software automated test environment, capable of running both on the target and in a simulation environment, for full regression test capabilities, thereby reducing the cost of defect resolution by identifying such defects early in the development cycle.
  • Led an inter-disciplinary team in the design and implementation of a system in which ultrasound imaging parameters, needed to set up machine hardware, were removed from in-line software code and moved to an on-line relational database, thereby reducing on-going maintenance problems, as well as allowing image analysis engineers to specify, and see the results of changing, imaging parameters in real-time.
  • Actively participated on a team chartered to define, and put into affect, guidelines for software engineering standards and processes organization wide, for on going, and future, development in line with current industry accepted software engineering methodologies and practices.


Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, Sunnyvale, Ca                                                                 1989 - 1995                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jose Ca                         1992 –

Design Engineer (Electrical)


§  Wrote test application software and VXI/VME subsystem interface software for production acceptance testing, equipment verification, and countdown procedure for a commercial launch vehicle, which included multi-threaded application programming, inter-process communication, critical-section handling, and graphical user interface methods in a real-time, fail-safe system.




Master of Science, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA, 1997

Computer Engineering with an emphasis in Computer Architecture and Software Engineering.          


Bachelor of Science,    California State University, Fresno, CA, 1989

Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Microprocessor and Digital System Design.         



Method and System for Handling Complex Inter-Dependencies between Imaging Mode Parameters in a Medical Imaging System    2005


Communications between Co-Located Operating Systems for Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound and other Systems.    2007